Android App Development

I started developing Android Apps about 2 1/2 years ago. Before that, I have already used the programmin language Java - which is also used for developing Anndroid Apps. I would be happy to design and develop the perfect app accoring to your needs.

Web Development

At the moment, I am focusing on designing and deveoping websites. For this I either use the CMS (content management system) or build these site all by myself. It would be great if I could improve my skills by creating your website. I will also happily support you concerning web-hosting.


Another area - which is very excinting at the moment - I develope for, are voice/AI assistans (e.g. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa/Echo or Microsoft Cortana).


Train Escapemore_vert

Train Escapeclose

A mobile game, which a friend of mine and I started to develop. The idea was based on the famous board game "Mister X" / "Scotland Yard", but was transfered to the real world. Sadly, we had to stop development because we were not able to optain real-time data of all the trains and subways in the city of Munich.

Speed ABCmore_vert

Speed ABCclose

My very first Android App: a game in which the player has to tap the letters of the alphabet as fast as possible. There were to different modes available, firstly one in whicht the letters were arranged in a standard QWERTY layout and secondly one in which they were arranged randomly in a grid. Both modes could be played in normal or reverse alphabetical order. Because of a lack of interest there is no more active development at this moment.

Fuel Cost PWAmore_vert

Fuel Cost PWAclose

Proof of Concept for a Progressive Web App (PWA), a kind of website that can also be installed and used like a native app on different (mobile) devices and operating systems (Android, Windows 10, Chrome OS, ...). Some of the operations can also be available offline. In this case it is a app used to calculate the distance between two locations and also calculates the fuel usage as well as cost.